Last Call

Our Swallow Tail designed with JonTom. Works well in flats as well as Transitions like we encounter daily out front here @ Northside HB… This Board is great for beach breaks and just a great all around board in all conditions from advanced to the professional…… A mellow flowing natural rocker. Low entry single to slight recessed vee thru out tail to last 8 “ then transforms to a flat off tail that’s slightly lifted for crispness. Good Stuff!!!!!

Made for :

Beginner to advanced, ankle high to overhead

Order this one :

Ride this board with the same dimensions as  your normal shortboard

Standard Options :

Length 5’4″ – 6’4″
Width 18 1/8″ – 20″
Thickness 2 1/8″ – 2 5/8″
Volume 20.9L – 41.L

Tail Shape – Swallow
Fin Type – Thruster/Five